Out of Control

by Narrow Views

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CxWxI Rational voices need to be heard. Respect from Asbury Park, NJ. Favorite track: Brainwashed Liberals.
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released March 13, 2017



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Narrow Views Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Brainwashed Liberals
Narrow minded, narrow views, what do you have to say?
Think that we'll agree on something, that will be the day
You don't want to hear opinions that differ from yours
Presented with statistics, you'll continue to ignore

You've let them brainwash you with lies
You've become what you once despised

You call me a Nazi but you cannot tell me why
You changed the meaning of the word and used it to apply
to any person that does not agree with all your views
then you shut down my right to free speech, FUCK YOU
Track Name: Red, White, & Blue
We're informed, you tell us that we're wrong
but ignoring facts will never make you strong
the truth doesn't fit well with your narrative
and you want to tell me how to fucking live?

Peel back the bullshit, and there's nothing real
You're reality isn't truth, it's just how you feel

Protesting this and protesting that
but you ignore all the fucking facts
you don't even know what you claim to believe
we speak the truth and that's all we need

Peel back the bullshit, and there's nothing real
You're reality isn't truth, it's just how you feel

We don't need a victim's cause to validate ourselves
we just love this fucking country and we don't want your help
You can speak up for other's rights and continue to shit on mine
but you've shoved this down our throat so long
that you've finally crossed the line
This is our country, the red, white, & blue
if you don't like it get the fuck out
it's not for you
Track Name: Don't Tread On Me
Communism's on the rise, they're sucking like a leech
they want to give away all that I earn and stop freedom of speech
they stand up for minorities, they stand for equal rights
but when we bring the war to them they'd rather cry than fight

Don't Tread On Me

Antifa are scum, creators of this current state
they make you pick a side and then they say you're full of hate
I'll welcome black or white to be my brother any day
unless you are a liberal faggot
then this is what we say
Track Name: Left Wing Cannibals
run out of enemies, feed on your own
picking it clean until you see the bone
you've got a lot to say until you're on that pike
a victim of your own self righteous plight

this insatiable hunger
you'll even eat your own kind
you've turned into cannibals
you'll always find an ax to grind

what do you do when you run out of targets?
Feed on your own, see who can pick the hardest
you're gnashing your teeth at your own fucking people
the only place where you see others as equal
Track Name: Dissolution of Sanity
This world's turned upside down right now
We're all insects caught in a web
there's madness everywhere you look
instead of black and white we see red
what happened to the values that we used to shape this land?
Now the foreign legions don't assimilate
yet they bite the feeding hand

Dissolution of Sanity

what was once an outrage now requires your defense
this world will never fucking spin again
unless you're there to take offense
what's black is white, and up is down
and wrong has become right
and the tolerance is out of control
and the left is the new right

Dissolution of Sanity

Reject their fake agenda
Reject their false offense
Reject their propaganda
Reject their governance
Reject their accusations
Reject their racist guise
Reject their false oppression
Reject their lies